"We get so worried about being pretty.  Let's be pretty kind.

Pretty funny.
Pretty smart.
Pretty strong."

-Britt Nicole

Our aim is to photograph children as people, in a respectful, eloquent way while pulling out enough stops to keep them engaged and interested. Or at least between the back drop and the light! You'd be amazed at what comes out of these moments.  Our favourite aspect of the little icons portraits is the idea that these still frames capture truth about each individual and that they are presented in a way that tells us and them, that they are important.

How much is a session?

The cost is $225.00/child, this includes the session and an online gallery of images to choose from and 4 hi-res digital files. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for each booking.  Deposits may only be refunded within 24 hours of booking, however, they are subject to a small processing fee.

Is there a discount for siblings?

A 10% discount is offered for 3+ siblings. 

How long does it take?

Each session is approximately 15 minutes.

What age of Children do you photograph?

This style of photography lends itself well to every age. There is no age limit, however, it is required that babies are able to sit up on their own or hold themselves sturdy in a bumbo chair (please provide your own.) Older children and teenagers are wonderful to work with too!

How do we prepare for the session?

This is an important point! Dress your kids in plain and simple clothing so that nothing defines them or distracts from their expression and natural personality (no ruffles, collars, fancy sleeves, logos or patterns).  

Hair as natural/simple as possible with no accessories etc. 

Take a look through the gallery and decide if you prefer white or dark shirts.  We recommend staying away from grey or mid-tones.  

Please moisturize their face, arms and hands a day before the session and come free of crumbs and boogies if possible!

What should I do during the photoshoot?

While your child is being photographed it is up to you and them if you'd like to be close by or to step away while they express themselves. The main thing is to allow their attention to be directed toward the camera.  With younger children and "runners" we can count on it being a team effort and a bit of a work out!  We shoot many frames to get the best images and expressions, so let them do their thing!

What is the turn around time for the gallery?

Galleries are sent out 3-4 weeks after the shoot, this allows our team to pre-edit all of the images so that they are ready to download as soon as you place your order.

Can I purchase additional image files and prints?

Yes, there are options for individual digital images, the collection and prints of all sizes. A price list can be sent to you upon request. 

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