About Little Icons

Ashley Champagne started Little Icons in the spring of 2016.  Her 15+ year photography career has been focused on editorial, fashion, commercial photography, and portrait work for bands and musicians.  When her daughter was born she saw the value of photographs in a new way.

"The little icons series began the moment that I took this photo of my daughter. I want other people to have photographs like this of their kids; timeless portraits presented in a raw, authentic way. Some of the best frames come from the in-between!"

For the first 3 years, Ashley and her family lived in Nashville, TN and would travel between there and their home town,  Edmonton Alberta, to offer Little Icons sessions to over 1000 families.  

While living in Nashville, Ashley met Keeli Faith, a wonderful human who happened to be a great photographer!  In the spring of 2021, Ashley welcomed Keeli Faith as the first additional photographer on the Little Icons roster, and she has proven to be a perfect fit!  Keeli Faith offers sessions regularly in Nashville and is available for travel as well.

With a lot of love and care, the Little Icons team pays close attention to the subtleties of each child's mannerisms and expressions to capture unforced, unexpected moments. The style and sincerity of these images guarantees their value as priceless sentimental artifacts to be endlessly enjoyed!

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